Hunsbury Hill Park, 7th April 2024
Hunsbury Hill
Sywell Country Park, 3rd March 2024
Sywell Country Park
Great Houghton, 4th February 2024
Great Houghton and country park
Cold Brayfield, 7th January 2024
Cold Brayfield, New Year Dinner afterwards
Brixworth Country Park, 3rd December 2023 - in the rain!
Brixworth Country Park
Delapre Abbey, 5th November 2023.
Billy says farewell to his friends on his 14th Brthday!
Delapre Abbey
Irchester Country Park, 1st October 2023
Irchester Country Park
Great Global Greyhound Walk, Sywell Country Park, 24th Sept. 2023
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GGGW 2023
Harrold-Odell Country Park, 3rd September 2023
Irchester Country Park, 6th August 2023; Long walk and Short walk
Twywell Country Park, 2nd July 2023
Twywell Country Park
Turvey, 4th June 2023
Chester House, 7th May 2023
Chester House
Kislingbury, 2nd April 2023
Stoke Bruerne, 5th March 2023
Stoke Bruerne
Great Houghton, 5th February 2023
Great Houghton 2nd
Great Houghton 1st
Lavendon - Newton Blossomville, 8th January 2023
Lavendon Walk
Lavendon Rainbow
Brixworth Country Park, 4th December 2022
Brixworth Country Park
Delapre Abbey, 2nd October 2022
Delapre Abbey
Great Global Greyhound Walk, 22nd September 2022
Little Houghton, 3rd July 2022
Little Houghton
Ecton Village, 5th June 2022
Ecton Village
Harlestone Firs, 6th March 2022
Stanwick Lakes, 6th February 2022
Cold Brayfield, 9th January 2022
Brixworth Country Park, 5th December 2021
Hunsbury Hill Country Park, 7th November 2021
Harrold-Odell Country Park, 3rd October 2021

Great Global Greyhound Walk, 19th September 2021

Rushden Lakes, 5th September 2021

Brackmills Country Park, 4th July 2021
Northampton. 6th June 2021
Badby Woods, 2nd May 2021 - suitably socially distanced!
Stoke Bruerne, 6th December 2020
Hunsbury Hill Country Park, 1st November 2020
Irchester Country Park, 6th September 2020 ........... Welcome back!


Harlestone Firs, 1st March 2020




Brixworth Country Park, 4th February 2020




Newton Blossomville, 5th January 2020




Irthlingborough Lakes and Meadows, 1st December 2019




Brixworth Country Park 3rd November 2019




Harrold-Odell Country Park, 6th October 2019




Irchester Country Park, 1st September 2019




August - No walk


Twywell Hills and Dales, 7th July 2019




GGGW, Sywell CP, 9th June. Click on photo to view in Virtual Reality !




Great Global Greyhound Walk, Sywell Country Park, 9th June 2019




Ecton Village, 2nd June 2019




and for the first time - NorthantsSighthoundWalks in VR360 ! Click on photo!!




Badby Blue-Bell Woods, 5th May 2019




Delapre Abbey, 7th April 2019




Brixworth Country Park, 3rd February 2019




Great Houghton, 6th January 2019




Brixworth Country Park, 2nd December 2018 




Stanwick Lakes, 4th November 2018




Harrold-Odell Country Park, 7th October 2018




Irchester Country Park, 2nd September 2018




July & August - cancelled due to summer heat!


Great Global Greyhound Walk, Sywell Country Park, 10th June 2018







Northampton/Ecton Village, 3rd June 2018










Everdon Stubbs, 6th May 2018










Delapre Abbey, 1st April 2018










Burbage Common, Leics., 4th March 2018










Stoke Bruerne, 4th February 2018










Great Houghton, 7th January 2018










Delapre Abbey, 3rd December 2017










Bugbrooke Wharf, 5th November 2017










Irchester Country Park, 1st October 2017










Little Houghton, 3rd September 2017





 A farewell to Sky - her final meet with friends










 Stoke Bruerne, 6th August 2017










Great Global Greyhound Walk, Sywell Country Park 11th June 2017










 Ecton Village, 4th June 2017










 Everdon Stubbs, 7th May 2017










Salcey Forest, 4th April 2017 - great holiday!










 Harrold-Odell Country Park, March 2017 - called off due to torrential rain !!





 Brixworth Country Park, 5th February 2017










Little Houghton, 8th January 2017










 Irthlingborough Lakes Nature Reserve, 4th December 2016





(photo thanks to Trudie & Dave)










Fosse Meadows, Leicestershire, 4th September 2016










Fotheringhay, 7th August 2016










Twywell Hills & Dales, 3rd July 2016










Great Global Greyhound Walk, Sywell 19th June 2016










Ecton Village, 5th June 2016










Everdon Stubbs, 1st May 2016










 Stoke Bruerne, 4th April 2016










 Harlestone Firs, Northampton, 6th March 2016





Brampton Valley Way, 7th February 2016










  Irthlingborough Lakes and Meadows, 1st November 2015










 Delapre Abbey, 4th October 2015










 Harrold-Odell Country Park, 6th September 2015










 Great Houghton, 2nd August 2015










Fotheringhay, 5th July 2015















 Great British Greyhound Walk, Sywell Country Park 21st June 2015





 (click photo to see extra photos gallery)










 Badby Bluebell Woods, 3rd May 2015










 Irchester Country Park, 5th April 2015 (click image for more pictures)










 Storton's Pit and Nature Reserve, Upton, Northampton










Bugbrooke, 1st February 2015










Great Houghton, 4th January 2015










Brixworth Country Park, 7th December 2014










 A wet Delapre Abbey, 2nd November 2014










 Twywell Hills and Dales, 5th October 2014










 Kislingbury, 7th September 2014










Summer Leys, 3rd August 2014 










 Irchester Country Park, 6th July 2014










 Great British Greyhound Walk, Sywell Country Park. 22nd June 2014










 Northampton, 1st June 2014










 Brickhill Woods, 4th May 2014 (with Greyhound Friends)




















  Badby Woods, 6th April 2014





 Great Houghton Village to Brackmills, 2nd March 2014





 Bugbrooke Wharf and Village, 2nd February 2014





 Twywell Village (plus hills & dales), 5th January 2014





Brixworth Country Park, 1st December 2013










 Summer Leys Country Park, 3rd November 2013





 Return to a favourite walk; thanks to Walter & Lindy for leading the way.





 Also thanks to Julie for the iPhone photo!





 Harrold-Odell Country Park, 6th October 2013





 Thanks to Monica for leading the way! Lovely day for a peaceful stroll.










 Little Houghton, 1st September 2013





  (click photo for more pictures)





 Twywell Hills and Dales, 4th August 2013





Fotheringhay, 7th July 2013 










 Great British Greyhound Walk, Sywell Country Park 23rd June 2013





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 Summer Leys, Wollaston; 2nd June 2013





 with Greyhound Friends; Brickhill Woods, 5th May 2013





 Irchester Country Park, 7th April 2013





 (Thanks to James & Julie for leading the walk, and to Alistair for the photo)





 Salcey Forest, 3rd March 2013





Delapre Abbey, 3rd February 2013










 Ecton Village Walk, 6th January 2013





 Brampton Valley, 2nd December 2012





 SummerLeys Nature Reserve, 4th November 2012
Due to the persistent rain for the entire duration of the walk, no photographs were possible. Roy didn't want his precious camera getting wet! A big "Thank You" to Walter and Lindy for guiding us through a hastily shortened walk around the nature reserve.





  Fermyn Woods 2nd September 2012










 Greyhound Friends Garden Party, 26th August 2012. Click picture for gallery (opens in new window)





  Twywell Hills and Dales 5th August 2012





 Irchester Country Park, 1st July 2012





Great British Greyhound Walk 2012, Sywell Country Park









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 BlueBell Walk (with Greyhound Friends) Brickhill Woods May 2012









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Brixworth Country Park 1st April 2012  

GRWE Charity Dog Show, Stoke Bruerne, July 29th 2011

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 Great British Greyhound Walk 26th June 2011
Storton Pit 3rd April 2011 
Salcey Forest 6th March 2011 
Croyland Park 6th February 2011 
Great Brington 2nd January 2011 
Fermyn Woods 7th November 2010 
A very wet Barton Bends 3rd October 2010 
Delapre Abbey 5th September 2010 
Twywell Plantation 1st August 2010 
Brixworth Country Park 4th July 2010 
Great British Greyhound Walk, Sywell Country Park 20th June. 22 Dogs adding to the national total of over 1600 dogs 
Brampton Valley Way 6th June 2010 
Salcey Forest 2nd May 2010 
 Delapre Abbey 4th April 2010