Forever Hounds Trust (formerly Greyhound Rescue, West of England)  Greyhound Gap
 Greyhound Compassion  Greyhounds in Need
 Sighthound Welfare Trust Brambleberry Greyhounds, Lincolnshire
Greyhound Friends
Greyhound Walks Great Global Greyhound Walk

Hound Holidays:

 Places we've been and can recommend:  
 Beech Hill House, Self Catering only (Cumbria)
 Silk Hill Stables (Derbyshire)
 Two cottages in Dorset
 Delfin's Dog Friendly Holidays - Myrtle Cottage
  Places we've booked or expect to - will let you know!:  
Abereithrin Cottage, near Brecon (Wales)
 Juniper Cottage - Cotswolds


 Katie's Sighthound Home Boarding (Leics, Staffs, Warks)