Monthly walks that provide an opportunity to socialise your hound(s) and impress the public with the elegance and temperament of these fantastic dogs. 
All walks have car parking available (sometimes free) and last between 1.5 - 2 hours. 
All sighthounds (and companion dogs, on leads) are welcome. If it's your first walk with us, and/or you think you'll be a bit late, please call or text to let us know. Thanks! 
Each fixture is a link to a map of the meeting point. 


    Walks Calendar 2024    
8th January, 10:30am   4th February, 10:30am   3rd March, 10:30am
Cold Brayfield   Great Houghton   Sywell Country Park
7th April, 10:30am   5th May, 10:30am   2nd June, 10:30am
Hunsbury Hill   Everdon Stubbs   Kislingbury
7th July, 10:30 am   4th August, 10:30 am   1st September, 10:30 am
Delapre Abbey   Turvey   Harrold-Odell Country Park
22nd September, 10:00 am   6th October, 10:30 am   3rd November, 10:30 am
The Great Global Greyhound Walk - Irchester C.P.   Northampton Washlands   Barton Bends
1st December, 10:30 am   5th January, 10:30am, 2025  
Irchester Country Park  
Cold Brayfield